You know, sometimes it’s okay to tell us you’re payment schedule. It’ll save us the transformative experience of a daily workout sessions that we get coming and going to your offices. Yes, we need to exercise our negotiation skills and exercise in general but can get that AT THE FUCKING GYM!!! Don’t pay us after it feels like we paid you with our time! Or tell us when!!!!

Anonymous freelancer with a gym subscription

Don’t act like we just told you you’re the father, when you don’t give us an amount to work with. Yes, we’re that good. If you can get it done for free why waste our time???

Frustrated Freelancer

Can you tell me what this “exposure” means? Does mebrat hayl accept “exposure” for electric bills? can “exposure” pay for the time and money I spent on transportation to come waste my time at your offices? Please enlighten me….

Broke freelancer


Yes  you’re  good. We get it. Yes you can do it creatively. We get it. But can you please stop it with the unrealistic number???

An employer 

So you’re telling me a logo riddled with uneven mistakes with “coincidental” similarities to google play costs 20,000 birr?

Bitch please I need my job! 

If you’re giving me a low number. Don’t expect me to raise it. It’s like a green grocer tells you it’s 2 birr and then gets mad because you actually bought it for 2 birr. Be honest. You’re not on trial here!!! 

Tired of hearing designers complain

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